Swedish Scientist points out the danger of pointing out the danger of Electronic

Here is a Swedish Scientist warning that you can damage your career if you point out the danger of radiation from
cell phones and other electronic devices:


The effects of electronic radiation from something like a cellphone has not been tested and it is assumed to be
harmless.  If these cellphones were pacemakers, then extensive testing would be done to meet FDA regulations, but
since the device is not listed as a medical device, it does not have to be tested.

If you want to damage your career at a university, one thing that you can do is to doubt that such radiation is

All these scientists presume that the "biblical" and "astronomical" overwhelming exposure is somehow accidental, or
oversight.  What if it is, in fact, on purpose, done by design to depopulate?
Obama's long-sitting science czar wrote a 1,400 page textbook describing ways to secretly sterilize the mass
population and thus depopulate the world.  

Martin Blank, PhD is concerned with EMF:


Camilla Reese:

Michael Schwaebe presentation on Dirty Electricity
Detailed discussion of E and B fields and how to reduce them with filters.  He goes on to discuss solar inverters.

Diseases of modern civilization:

Treat ADHD with Ritilin but it is caused by dirty electricity:

When half of the country was electrified, the leukemia rate went up:

Where they use brush generators, the suicide rate goes up.

He mentions Green Bank West Virginia:

EMF EMR - How to Digitally Detox w/ Michael Schwaebe - Dr. Jay Davidson
Avoid Sonos speakers, Alexa, cordless phones,