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People in power often look at the "public" as a group of people to "be led" and by leading in a democracy, it means to
them that they have the job of  "manipulating the thoughts and opinions of the masses".  From the vantage point of "the
masses" this appears that those particular leaders are "conspiring" against them.  One of the tricks used by these
leaders is to launch memes into the culture that lead them in the direction of "laughing at conspiracy theorists".

Let us say you have a King of England who is described in a Shakespearian play as being assassinated by the person
next in line to be King.  This is called "history".  On the other hand, if one were to claim that US Vice President Lyndon
Johnson (next in line to be President) was behind the assassination of John Kennedy while JFK was in Lyndon
Johnson's home state of Texas, that would be called "a conspiracy theory" to be laughed at.

The whole reason why the CIA keeps its documents secret is that they are 'all about' gathering information and devising
conspiracies.  In fact, they invented the meme "Conspiracy Theories...ha ha", in order to diminish investigations and
public belief of those who have figured out that they are conspiring and what those particular conspiracies are.

Perhaps you don't believe in "Conspiracy Theories...ha ha"?
Do you believe that any US Narcotics agent has ever conspired to take a bribe from anyone transporting drugs?
Do you believe that Hitler burned the Reichstat and blamed it on the Communists in order to help him take power, or is
that just another "conspiracy theory"?

Summary of the bombing of the Murrah Building bombing conspiracy.  Basically the bomb that Timothy McVeigh set off
was not enough to do all of that damage.  Other explosives went off and more were found that didn't go off.  All of the
evidence about the Hillary Clinton scandal called "Whitewater" were stored in the Murrah Building.  All of those files
were "lost".  The aforesaid information was carted off by some organization.  Can someone become President who the
"deep state" does not have incriminating evidence against?

01 Oil Conspiracy
02 HAARP weather modification by the US Government
03 Conspiracies in General

Agenda 21, the UN plan to reduce population
Antibiotic Overuse
Big Pharma sells drugs for profit motive
Capitalists lobby then convert
China Scams and Ripoffs
CIA exceeds its constitutional authority
Deagle, Bill
Electric and Electronic Radiation is a hazard to human health
False Memory Syndrome
Fish Farming
Fluoride is a Neurotoxin
Games like PokemonGo
Genetic facts being denied
Glyphosate problems being covered up
Hillary Rodham Clinton Conspires to cover up her health problems
Internet of Things Viruses
Investment Advisors
JFK Assasination
Law and Lawyers
Manufactured Food, using chemistry to con you into eating poorly
Medicine and Big Pharma
Mind Control Conspiracies
Misc Conspiracies
Moon Landing was faked?
Oklahoma City Murrah Building Bombing by CIA
Parasites Conspire against humans
PatCon or Patriot Conspiracies
Patents manipulated
Political Conspiracies
Population Control
Racial Equality Conspiracy
Robot Deniers, people who don't think that robots taking over is a threat
Robot Takeover, robots are conspiring to take over the world
Sandy Hook School Shooting
Satanist Conspiracies
Targeted Ads
UAL and their "friendly" skies
UFO Coverup
US Military Secret Projects
Weather Conspiracies, HAARP, ChemTrails
Corporate Conspiracies
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