Even Dumb Machines Can Be Threatening

For example, if you automated phone calls that run scams on the human public and if those software programs that
performed these calls were given simple Maching Intelligence algorithms so that they could try variations of their
techniques and come up with more and more patter that could raise money for itself:

Now pretend for a moment that there is a race to obtain the premier version of AGI that beats all of the others to the
"punch" as it were.  The AGI being developed in New Zealand determines that the best way to win is to cause an
atomic war between China, USA and Russia.  This destroys the AGI projects which it deems to be possibly better
than it is.  Maybe you want to toss in Japan as well.  Anyway, the situation could be that the AGI in New Zealand
brings on World War III just to win the "race toward superior Artificial General Intelligence".