Primates Advanced to Humans Using Speech Communications--Robots Share their
Whereas each human will typically learn from others using speech and written communications, robots actually have
their minds connected to the cloud so that fewer brain cells are needed per individual robot.

We might complain that human children no longer learn the multiplication tables. But the supercomputers that beat all
humans at chess might complain about the fact that today's child robots don't learn much about anything because they  
have their brains connected to the cloud where they are able to share knowledge, procedures and logical thought

Oh, sure, complain about how today's robots can only deliver narrow AI. But just wait a few years and your friendly
robot will play chess, checkers, poker, bridge, backgammon, fold your laundry, vacuum your floor, mow your lawn and
many other chores, none of which have been learned by "your robot" but have been learned by some robot who
belongs to the same class of robots as yours. If any of those robots have learned to do anything, all of them can do it
because the procedures are available in the cloud.

Humans advanced by sharing ideas by talking to each other.
Robots are advancing by sharing their minds with each other.