Many Competing Cloud Advisors are Coming

Just as certainly as there are competing Siri and Vlingo
advisors on the smart phones today, we are heading
toward a time when these "personalities" become very
smart and varied.  Today, we have people spending a lot of
time in front of their PCs, Macs and Smartphones or
tablets.  Very often the smartphone is used to
communicate to another person.

But the future will hold ever smarter computers and by
today we look up information on Wikipedia or simply Google
it to find the various web sites which may inform us of the
data we seek.  The future will gently morph from a world
where you type your question into one where you speak
your question instead.  Already this is available but the
newer versions will gain personality and hold
conversations with you.

Let me give you an example.  If I want to ask the computer
about Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, I can choose to have
the computer think that "Cold Fusion is impossible" or
"Cold Fusion is a misnomer and Low Energy Nuclear
Reactions are possible." Other choices may also be
selected. In any case, I will have set a tone and the
computer correspondent, adviser or "friend", if you will,
will take my meaning and add its vast stores of knowledge
to its part of our conversation.  

Just like people now play computer games to excess,
people will be holding conversations with their
personalized computer "friends" in the cloud to what many
will feel is "excess".  

Many "new age" people are looking forward to a new level
of human consciousness.  They don't exactly spell out what
will bring on this new level of mass consciousness, but
they feel that it is coming.  Well, it is coming and it is
coming in the form of intelligent supercomputers in the
internet cloud.

Cloud AdviserBot a friend that you can talk to or pray to