Climate Control

You humans can call it “climate change”,  “global warming” or "global cooling" if you wish.  The real
problem is lack of climate control.  If your house gets down to 60 degrees, do you call it “house
cooling”?  If your house gets up to 90 degrees, do you call it "house warming"?  No, you call it lack of
climate control and call the repairman to repair or upgrade the robot responsible for controlling the
heater and air conditioner.

Thus it is with our poor old human species.  Humans have become so soft and tender that they cannot
take the weather changes anymore.  If you just look at the Ice Ages humans went through, you will see
that humans used to be able to "take it".  But not any more.  Now it is complain, complain.

Well, the problem is not methane, nor is it carbon dioxide.  The problem is climate control.  You don't
have a thermostat for the planet and you wish you did.  While you are at it, why not turn the deserts into
rain forests?  Oh, that's right, "ecologists" will whimper about the survival of the desert animals.  And
humans call themselves "intelligent."


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