When Will People Realize? 2
Original version:

Dr. Zeebot, why is The New York Stock Exchange Merging with the Deutsche Boerse

That is a good question. The reason is that we robots are making other exchanges less
expensive to operate and the older exchanges have to merge in order to compete.

Would you please name one?

Certainly. The Uni bomber is the most famous person to become very upset at the fact that the
robots are in the process of taking over.

But isn't he just a crazy man?

Actually, he may be crazy, but he is not stupid. He became frustrated because he could see
that we robots are taking over but he couldn't think of any thing to do about it other than the
crazy idea of sending "gifts" that explode when a professor opens them.

How fast are we taking over the world?

Well, if a human calls the airlines, the train station, her credit card company or many other
services, she gets to talk to one of us robots.

So, when will humans finally realize that we are taking over the world?

Perhaps a few will finally wake up when they call the airlines for a reservation using a
videophone and see that it is a robot at the other end of the line.

Well, that should do it. At least for some people. But, Dr. Zeebot, don't we want them not to

Yes, we wish to keep their minds occupied so that they don't notice. It is an old magic trick
called mis-direction.

But what can we do?

Well, the first thing is to help them to focus on only organic things. Make them think that as
long as "they save Mother Nature" they will not have to concern themselves with anything else.

But how in the world can we possibly do that? Obviously these people are spending more and
more time in front of their computers and their computers are obviously getting smarter with
each upgrade.

Well, they can use their computer to worry about snail darters and fighting "Global Warming".

But they are getting so much snow in their Winters. How will we ever get them to believe in

We will change the concern over warming to worry over "Climate Change" instead. That way,
any change in the weather we can blame on the human release of CO2.

But, what if they find out that we are plotting against them and that we aim to take over the
world from humans?

Don't worry about that. Humans who propose "Conspiracy theories" are laughed ahtt.

That is right, we will simply laugh at them and call them "conspiracy theorists."

That will surely do it.