When Will People Realize? 2

Original version:

Dr. Zeebot, why is it that you say that humans are only semi-intelligent? What do you mean?

Human intelligence began evolving on the African savannah and has built-in circuitry in its
emotional centers which allowed it to survive there.

Are you saying that the human instinct to fight or flee no longer contributes to her intelligence?

In modern society, humans are no longer being stalked by lions nor do they have to want to
lick a salt block because they may not be able to get salt if they don't.

You mean that since we have salt shakers just about everywhere, the human desire for solt is
probably overly much?

Not only that, consider the human brain's desire for fat and sugar in the diet. When people
had to hunt and gather berries, they got more exercise and burned off the calories that they

And now, they are overweight in large numbers.

Then consider sexual desire. How much productivity is gained by men staring at women?

I see what you mean. By the time you add up the time a human worker spends on food and
sexual distractions, he spends little time actually doing useful work.