We Need Jobs 1

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Humans need jobs, don't they Dr. Zeebot?

Not really, Baggy.

Doesn't economic theory say that humans need jobs?

Not the more modern theory.  Actually jobs need to be accomplished and if a job can be
accomplished by a machine or robot at a much lower price, then the human should not be used
to do that job.

But, then the human will not have any income.  Without any income, the government will not have
any income to tax.  How will this work?

Humans can find other jobs.  People used to fetch water from a stream.  In some places in the
world, they go to the bathroom in the same river that they drink from and wash in.  Do you mean
that if they use well water where a robot pumps the water from an aquafer, they humans will lose
jobs and be worse off?

No, not that you put it that way.

Humans used to be employed as telephone operators.  When you picked up your phone, a
human would be at the other end of the line and ask you, "Number, Please?" which was short for
What number please.  The human would speak the number to the operator and the operator
would do what ever was needed to connect the human to the phone with the number specified.

How many human operators were there?

There were millions of operators.

What happened to those jobs when we robots took them over?

The humans did other jobs.  After all, being a telephone operator was a very boring job for most