Transitioning to a Robot 1

Dr. Zeebot: Hello, I am Dr. Zeebot. You have chosen to move your individual human identity to a state
of the art cyborg body. As you know, cyborgs are part organic human and part inorganic mechanism.
We need to ask you a number of questions to determine if you care to make any adjustments to your
capabilities as a cyborg as you make the move.

Samantha: Well, I don't really want to change many things because then I wouldn't really be me.

Dr. Zeebot: That is a reasonable position to take. You are older now, did you want to retain the aches
and pains of arthritus from which you now suffer?

Samantha: Well, that is a good point, I could do without the pain.

Dr. Zeebot: Don't you find yourself more forgetful these days? Would you want to make your mind as
agile as it was when you were younger?

Samantha: That's a good point. After all, if I were the me that I was when I was 28 years old, it would still
be me, wouldn't it? But I would still want to remember everything that happened to me beyond my 28th

Dr. Zeebot: That is quite fine. We can do that. What age do you want to appear? We can make you
look anything from 21 to 121 years old.

Samantha: Well, err, I certainly don't want to look any older than I am now. Let me think about that and
decide later. Is that okay?

Dr. Zeebot: Sure. You need to get used to the fact that you are going to be a little bit different and
decide how much different you want to be. Let me point out that if you decide to take on a younger body
and mind, you could start working again if you wanted to. Some people enjoy working and you could use
the funds to pay for the expense of the surgeries which will be transitioning you to a cyborg.


At this point, Dr. Zeebot could offer the installment plan where the person pays $2500 per month to
obtain either long term care insurance or a series of operations that can transition the human to a
cyborg. The decision as to which path to take will depend on whether the human sees the state of the
art in cyborg creation to be sufficient at the time that she makes her decision.

Dr. Zeebot: Were you to choose to act like a younger person, you could hold a job and make money in
order to pay for your robotic being.

Dr. Zeebot: (sounding like a salesman) As part of any transition performed this month, we are offering a
free twenty language communications package. You could talk to Italians in Italian without any accent,
for example.

Samantha: Would I also be able to read and write those twenty languages?

Dr. Zeebot: Of course. Doesn't that sound like a tempting deal?

Samantha: Would my French be Canadian or Parisian?

Dr. Zeebot:  We consider those as two different languages. You could have both but it would count as
two of the 20 languages.

If you, as a human, decide to change your body over to a simulated human using robotic parts, what
changes would you choose to make?

Would you keep your forgetful memory that leaves you without remembering where you left the keys?

Would you like to forget the divorce and pain it caused?

The state of the robotic technology at that time would be part of the decision.  

MaryAnne: I cannot afford to be upgraded. I heard that the Bilderbergers want to reduce the population
of the earth from 6 billion to 500 million people and that they prefer Cyborgs to be among those
remaining alive. What can I do?

Dr. Zeebot: No problem, MaryAnne. Google is providing free upgrades to those who are willing to
accept some subliminal advertizing.

MaryAnne: You mean that they will be telling me what to buy and what to eat?

Dr. Zeebot: Well, don't you drink Diet Coke and eat Big Macs now?

MaryAnne: I do when I am not on one of my diets.

Dr. Zeebot: Then there is no problem in getting a free upgrade for your brain. You have to eat and
drink something, it might as well be at McDonald's. As an additional bonus, you will be able to think of
something and then say to yourself "Twitter that" and it will be sent to all of your twitter followers.

MaryAnne: That Twitter feature would be convenient. Save me from trying to Twitter while I drive, which
might cause an accident.

If my friend has been transformed into a robot, do I trust his judgement as being the same as when he
was a human? After all, he now is a robot and will identify with type five life.

Could I have my wife cloned into a robot which would be just like her but sober?

If I were to make a robot who looked and acted identically to Marilyn Monroe, would I be violating an
inherent patent or copyright of Marilyn?

How many changes would I have to make? Would the person have to be living?

What if my representation of Abe Lincoln were stolen by someone and he had such a clone living next
door to me. Could I sue him for theft? Can I own my robot personality? Could the robot personality own
itself? Could it go to court and demand the demolition of the neighbor's clone of Abe Lincoln?

Is there another country you would like to live in but you don't because you don't know the language?
Would you choose to install that language in your brain if it only cost $10,000? What would you be
willing to pay to be able to speak 25 of the most common languages? Would you travel more?

They say that if you practice anything enough

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