Terrorist Changes Mind 1


This video describes a terrorist who is not really competent at much but who wants to learn how to fly a
commercial airplane so that he can fly it into buildings. To do this, he signs up for a brain inplant that will
give him flying abilities. The robot surgeon who performs the transplant starts out by asking the fellow an
number of questions and subjecting him to brain scans using fMRI and other techniques. The robot
determines that the fellow has terrorism on his mind and is dedicated to believing that he will go to
heaven and be living with 72 virgins as his reward.

During the performance of the surgery, the surgeon modifies his brain so that he no longer harbors the
violent thoughts. At the same time, the brain implant allow the now-former terrorist to become and expert
pilot, As time goes on, other pilots have the same implant and eventually all pilots are required to have
such an implant to work at one particular airline company.

Pilots who have had the operation tend to identify with each other and they form a fraternity where they
like to meet and talk about their common interests.

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