Robots Work with Humans 2

Circuit City is offering a 2 Terabyte external hard disc drive for $79.99. It is "only" USB 2.0 capable.

USB 3.0 is three times as fast as 2.0.
Windows 7 automatically detects such external hard drives.
Even at USB 2.0, the concept of 2 Terabytes for $80 is simply hard for me to get used to. There is no
way that my brain remembers 1 TB of information.

There is also no way that our brains can input/output at USB 1.0 speeds let alone 2.0 and 3.0. We think
that we are seeing at high speeds but it is simply an illusion. About as fast as we get is when playing a
video game such as a multi-user on-line game. Ask someone who fools people with magic tricks.
Humans make a lot of assumptions as they "see" or at least think that they are seeing the world.

We humans are watching our own demise in slow motion.
But why do we remain blind?
Because we have a normalcy which would be an adequate defense in normal times. Our human
heuristics are based on the hierarchy that humans dominate the animal kingdom and the animal
kingdom dominates the plant kingdom. Machines are something "we humans" dominate because "we
humans" invented them and "we humans" alone know where their on-off buttons are located.

My analogy would be if we were monkeys who dominated an island and happened to find a lifeboat
which washed ashore with four human babies. We decide to raise them only to find that the human
babies grow into children and they invent a complex language to talk to each other that we adult
monkeys cannot understand. We see them growing to be much smarter than we monkeys are as they
mature. Such it is with the computers that are "growing up" around us at this time.

For a computer example, a mobile phone won a category 6 chess tournament with a performance rating
2898. It used a chess engine Hiarcs 13 running inside Pocket Fritz 4 on the mobile phone HTC Touch
HD. It won the Copa Mercosur tournament in Buenos Aires, Argentina with 9 wins and 1 draw on August
4–14, 2009. That was two years ago. Obviously the new cell phones are faster.

There are two possibilities for any given human. The first possibility is that they understand the impact of
living in a world in which a cell phone has a grand master chess rating of 2898. The second possibility is
that they simply "don't get it."

For you humans who use normal human heuristics, life seems to remain quite normal and predictable.
Your past experience leads you to believe that you understand what is expected of the future. You
remain sheltered from reality by a mixture of ignorance and denial of what is obvious to some of us.
Although you think that you understand a graph which shows that the intelligence of computers is
doubling every year, your controlling subconscious and social intelligence indicate that it cannot
possibly be true. If it were true, the POTUS would be addressing that issue rather than the national debt.
If it were true, people would be concerned with it instead of Casey Anthony and how she killed her
daughter. If it were true, why would anyone care about global warming?

In ten or twelve years I will purchase a computer which can beat me and every human (except if
someone is a bit lucky, in which case, I will ask for a rematch) at Jeopardy, chess, go, freecell, etc. We
will be able to sit down with it and ask it questions and get reasonable answers when the subject is well
defined. At that time, there should be supercomputers which can model the economic world and suggest
stable ways of conducting commerce which should be able to bring us back from economic collapse.
Meanwhile there will be people who think that going back on the gold standard is the answer. Perhaps it
is. Perhaps it isn't. Perhaps we need a new economic model to fit a world in which we have the
equivalent of low cost slave labor.

Continuing the analogy above, I expect the computers to continue to grow up around us and talk to each
other in languages which we cannot understand (USB, HDMI, Ethernet or Internet Protocol, etc.)
because they are too complex and too fast. We will be left in the dust much like the world in which the
humans grow up and "we monkeys" just sit and watch aghast. How would "we monkeys" deal with the
humans? The fact is that "we monkeys" simply don't have sufficient consciousness to do so. Human
consciousness gives humans the ability to look out for prey and predators. We walk down the street and
we are greeted by other animals such as dogs and other people. We are simply not designed to be on
the lookout for intelligent machines which might challenge our dominance of our environment. Consider
the miracle of a raccoon which can mate, have babies, bring them up successfully and totally survive in
the woods all year around. Yet it lacks the ability to deal properly with the newer technology of cars and
roads. How many years will it take before the raccoons evolve to learn not to run in front of traffic? It is
simply not yet "normal" for a raccoon to be sufficiently "conscious" of the world to see the danger of

So, enjoy your unconsciousness and fantasy life while you can. Don't buy a cell phone that can beat you
at chess. Don't read articles which state that IBM will be using Watson computers to provide support to
their customers.

Last Friday I got a new HVAC and tankless water heater. The fellow who installed the tankless said that
he didn't have instructions to install a comfort valve. I called the salesman this morning and he said that
he had told the installers before they left headquarters with the equipment to install. Humans make
these kinds of mistakes all of the time. After all, they are only human. Consider, for a moment that in ten
years the HVAC outfit could own one of the IBM Watson computer programs, which would operate on an
inexpensive PC by then. The HVAC outfit could brag that they no longer have any mis-communications
like the other outfits because they have one of the Watson support PC computers. I could simply tell the
installer to call the Watson on his cell phone and verify that I should be receiving a comfort valve.

It is at that point that someone will walk up and state that the computers are not a threat to humans
because we can "always turn them off". Just try messing with someone's PC it and you will be in violation
of the law and probably end up in jail.



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