Prince of Solestan 1

The Prince of Solestan has seen what human subjects can do to someone's empire so he has
decided to eliminate them altogether. After an argument with his wife, he decided to ship his wife
and children to Paris, France. He sets up a trust to provide for them financially.

He has oil well drilling robots, maid robots, butler robots and sex robots. Oil tankers tie up at his
docks and load the oil from his on-shore tanks. No people, no human rights. No human rioters.
No US or NATO intervention based on his killing political protesters.  His project is to populate
his island with androids.

Prince: Good moring folks. I am the owner of an island in the gulf and I am designating it to be its
own nation. I will not have any other humans on the island but I will have plenty of robots to assist
me. Without any humans, I will not have any citizens to claim part of my fortune or any people to
riot in the streets. There is no world-wide law that says that robots get to vote. Of course, I will
need to develop an atom bomb so that nobody dares to invade my little country. My wealth will
come from oil and my robots will drill for it.

I will have to let this idea soak for awhile before I can write much more script.

It will probably end with the robots taking over the island. This will reinforce the theme
that humans just don't see the robots coming, but they are.