Photo Wins Prize, Photographer Kills Himself as a Result

There’s a classic photograph that won a Pulitzer Prize and perhaps led the photographer to
take his own life. The photo, taken by Kevin Carter in 1993, is of a Sudanese child being
followed by a vulture. Carter, a South African photojournalist, stated that he watched the
child apparently trying to crawl for help or food for some 20 minutes while waiting for the
vulture to spread its wings because he thought this would make a better picture. This photo
of a Sudanese child at the brink of starvation, obviously seriously emaciated, won Carter the
Pulitzer for photojournalism. Carter took the shot, frightened the bird away, and then left. He
later stated that he didn’t want to get involved. Some say the parents had gone ahead to an
aid station for food and the child was attempting to reach them, but what happened to the
child is anyone’s guess. We do know that Carter took his own life a year after receiving the
Pulitzer.3 Guilt? Remorse? What do you think you would do? Location 716
What If?