Humans Feel Superior for a Number of Reasons

Background information

Humans are basically machines who do what they are programmed to do. One of the things they are
programmed to have is something called a conscious mind.  There conscious mind is programmed
to provide them with the belief that they have what they call "free will".  This is hard wired in and they
don't have any free choice about it.

The two halves of the human brain have different opinions and if the corpus collusum is cut, they can
have disagreements with each other.

A right-brained person can be overly sympathetic and not at all analytic. This can lead to

Co-dependency examples:
A mother might buy heroin for her daughter to make sure that it is of high quality.

Pathological Altruism Professor Barbara Oakley studies this problem.

Bussing was devised to help education in inner cities. The upshot of the program was that the well-to-do
parents moved out of the district. This worsened the problem.

Right brained people may say, "You are wrong, altruism always has to be good." but they simply lack
analytical skills of the left brain.

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