Humans Have A Different Kind of Intelligence 1


Humans want their robots to fulfill a need.  They want their robots to be intelligent., in the case of robots,
it seems that humans are attracted to our intelligence.  Apple tends ot also consider the physical beauty
of their robots.

what does this mean for the inherent objective value of our robot machines?

Phi-m is defined as the specific free energy rate expressed in units of energy per time per mass.  Phi-m
is known to astronomers as the luminosity-to-mass ratio, to physicists as the power density, to geologists
as he specific radiant flux, to biologists as the specific metabolic rate and to engineers as the
power-to-mass ratio.

Here are some estimated Free Energy Rate Densities:
Milky Way galaxy                                                                 0.5
Our Sun                                                                                2
Earth                                                                                   75
Biosphere (plants)                                                               900
Human body                                                                   20,000
Human brain                                                                 150,000
Human society                                                              500,000
Modern CPU (computer brain)                                         High and getting higher each year.
Internet and connected computers (society of computers)  High and getting higher each year.

Notice the logarithmic progression.  Notice the increasing need for energy.

Living Systems and Cosmic Evolution are subjects to be studied if you want to understand what is
happening around you.

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