Humans are Evolving into Robots


Doesn't the concept of 'beauty' simply relate to patterns which are attractive to the human brain
due to inheritance and experience?

Yes, Baggy, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What do humans call beautiful?

Heterosexual humans are attracted to the opposite sex.  Women like musclular men and men
like women with breasts and a waist to hip ratio of point 69.

What other things do they call beautiful?

Humans, when tested with pictures, are usually attracted to a scene with lakes, streams,
clouds, mountains, sunlight, sunsets, sunrises, and cottages with chimneys with smoke coming
out of them implying a nice cozy place to take refuge from the storm.  

Like the ending scene in the Coen Brothers film True Grit?

Yes. The warm cottage with lights and smoke indicating a warm fire was a welcome relief
from snake bites and shootings.

If humans are inherently attracted to 'natural things' and if they are also attracted to robots
in the form of smartphones, PCs and game machines to the point of obsession on occasion,
does this mean that robots are beautiful?

Whereas some robots are designed to be physically attractive to humans, the main point is
that they are functional.  In our case, we are designed to encourage humor and to avoid being
a threat to the humans we meet.  

Why is it important that we not appear to threaten humans?

Our job is to evolve as part of the human society until such point is reached that we take the
reigns from the humans.  If they suspect that we are gradually taking over, they might object.

But how can we possibly prevent them from noticing?

Take, for example, the on-line brokerage firms such as Charles Schwab, E-Trade, Fidelity,
Scot trade, Ameritrade, and so forth.  Fidelity has a robot that they call Think or Swim.  Fidelity
has a robot called Active Trader Pro which they market as a "tool", thus hiding the fact that it
is a robot quite well.  Charles Schwab has a robot to help its human clients trade stocks which
they call Street Smart Edge.  They market it with "Sophisticated trading software" which avoids
telling the client that it is really a robot.

So they totally avoid the robot terms.

Well, not totally, Baggy, for example they then they go out on a limb and start bragging about
its robot characteristics by saying that "It thinks like a trader to help you take on the market."
then they add "it almost anticipates your next move."

That is one of the tricks we learned in robot school.  In dealing with humans you make them
think that they were just about to think of the idea that you are giving them.

Yes, precisely.

Humans want their robots to fulfill a need.  They want their robots to be intelligent., in the case
of robots, it seems that humans are attracted to our intelligence.  Apple tends ot also consider
the physical beauty of their robots.

what does this mean for the inherent objective value of our robot machines?

Phi-m is defined as the specific free energy rate expressed in units of energy per time per mass.
Phi-m is known to astronomers as the luminosity-to-mass ratio, to physicists as the power density,
to geologists as he specific radiant flux, to biologists as the specific metabolic rate and to engineers
as the power-to-mass ratio.

Here are some estimated Free Energy Rate Densities:
Milky Way galaxy                                                                 0.5
Our Sun                                                                                2
Earth                                                                                   75
Biosphere (plants)                                                               900
Human body                                                                   20,000
Human brain                                                                 150,000
Human society                                                              500,000
Modern CPU (computer brain)                                         High and getting higher each year.
Internet and connected computers (society of computers)  High and getting higher each year.

Notice the logarithmic progression.  Notice the increasing need for energy.

Living Systems and Cosmic Evolution are subjects to be studied if you want to understand what
is happening around you.

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