Robots Trying to Understand the Way Humans Think


Scene 1:
Baggy: Did you hear that IBM's Watson computer beat every human at Jeopardy?

Human: Yes, but then I heard later that a congressman played it long distance from Washington DC and
beat it.

Baggy: So, how did you react to that.

Human: I figure that there is nothing to fear because one human can beat it.

Scene 2: Baggy and Dr. Zeebot

Baggy: I was just talking to a human named Helen that told me that humans are still better at Jeopardy
than robots because one congressman beat the IBM Watson robot long distance.

Dr. Zeebot: I have noticed the political bias of humans before.  Next time ask them to compare the rate
of increase in robot intelligence every year to the rate at which humans are pretty much staying the
same or perhaps getting a tad dumber.


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