Free Time for my Robot 1

Appartently my robot likes being with me, or at least that is one of my theories. He is busy trying to make himself useful.
Perhaps he has noticed that I could sell him for quite a sum of money and prefers to be owned by a human who likes
robots. One who is not a slave driver.

Well, anyway, my robot Siggy is busy decomposing an old shirt that has battery acid burns. He is actually patiently
de-weaving each thread from the shirt and winding them on spools. I may ask him what he plans to do with the thread,
but maybe I should simply wait and be surprised. It is interesting to live with a fully functional domestic robot. Perhaps I
simply don't have enough real work to keep him busy.

This has me remembering back to when I had a Roomba vacuum cleaner to clean my carpets. In tne first place, it didn't
have any vacuum (in the sense of actual suction) at all and as far as Artificial General Intelligence, it cleaned in random
directions and went until it bumped into something. After that it was the Neato which at least sensed most things before
bumping into them and made an attempt at vacuuming in straight lines. Yes, it was after acquiring a Neato Vacuum
cleaner that I realized that progress was finally being made toward intelligent robots.

Back to Siggy. Since his software comes from open software sources, it is hard to tell if someone programmed him to
de-weave old shirts or they simply combined fine motor skills from one source with the general notion of what shirts
looked like when they were no longer "useful" and therefore could be used for other things. I suppose the shirt could
have been cut up for rags instead. I enjoy not interferring and just watching what Siggy will do next.

Watching Siggy leads me to thinking how many patents will be affected. What if Siggy does something that others think
that they have patented? Take filing papers in a file cabinet, for example. When such filing was done commonly by
humans, there really was no patent on the process. When filing was done electronically, many patents were filed on
various procedures that could be used. Try to find some software that will automatically scan your bills and file them
according to the company that they are from. Personally, I cannot find such a program. But Siggy will sit at my computer
and type in the necessary keystrokes to do the sorting for me. Is Siggy violating someone's patent simply by performing a
procedure whilst being a machine?

Meanwhile the world of humans is more fascinated with discussing the rights of gays and lesbians to have civil unions
or marriages. What about the right of a robot to perform a job and not be hampered by someone's stupid patent?