Evolving Humans into Robots Part 2
State: AskTheBots:

Hello, Barb, how are you feeling on this nice day?

Oh, well, I have to travel alll of the way downtown now to have them check my heart.

Oh, that is right, you have a pacemaker now.

Yes, and it kicked me five weeks ago when I was shopping with my friend. Not a lot of
fun, let me tell you. It made me jump 6 inches. It scared me.

You mean that you felt the shock as it gave you a high de fib ril lay tion voltage?

Yes. It is quite an ordeal that it put me through.

Better being a cyborg than dying, though.

Yes. They told me that I would have been dead if I didn't have the de fibb ril lay ter.

Do you have any details?

Yes. The pacemaker was supposed to fire after three seconds but it waited 9.12
seconds before de fibb ril lay ting me.

Interesting that the microprocessor keeps track of everything in so much detail.  Did
they tell you why it waited the extra 6 seconds?

No. But it turned out alright.

Nice talking to you Barb.  Glad you are okay. 

Scene 2, Discussion:
So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. A woman who is getting older, has a heart
pacemaker now and it has already saved her life. This means that she will live long
enough to receive artificial hips and knees and perhaps a brain implant to reverse the
symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. One more person living in the modern age and
undergoing the slow transition toward being less human and more cyborg as the years
go by. Does she like the transition? Not really, but it is better than the alternative.