Evolving Humans into Robots Part 1
State: AskTheBots:

Doesn't the concept of 'beauty' simply relate to patterns which are attractive to the
human brain due to inheritance and experience.

Yes, Baggy, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What do hue mans call beautiful?

Heterosexual humans are attracted to the opposite sex. Women like muscular men
and men like women with breasts and a waist to hip ratio of point 69.

What other things do they call beautiful?

Humans, when tested with pictures, are usually attracted to a scene with lakes, streams,
clouds, mountains, sunlight, sunsets, sunrises, and cottages with chimneys with
smoke coming out of them implying a nice cozy place to take refuge from the storm.

Like the ending scene in the Coen Brothers film True Grit?

Yes. The warm cottage with lights and smoke indicating a warm fire was a welcome
relief from snake bites and shootings.

Or the cottage in the book called "The Shack".

Certainly that is another example, Brad.

If humans are inherently attracted to 'natural things' and if they are also attracted to
robots in the form of smartphones, personal computers and game machines to the
point of obsession on occasion, does this mean that robots are beautiful?

Whereas some robots are designed to be physically attractive to humans, the main
point is that they are functional. In our case, we are designed to encourage humor
and to avoid being a threat to the humans we meet.

Why is it important that we not appear to threaten humans?

Our job is to evolve as part of the human society until such point is reached that we
take the reigns from the humans. If they suspect that we are gradually taking over,
they might object.

But how can we possibly prevent them from noticing?

Well, for one thing, we can encourage them to refer to us as "itt" rather than "hee"
and call us "tooles" rather than "robots", which would be more flattering to us.

Would you please give an example where they use "tules" and another where humans
come closer to admitting that we are almost human?

Certainly, Baggy.  Consider two on-line brokers. Fidelity currently markets its trading
robot by saying, "Trade like a pro with our fast, powerful Active Trader Pro tools."

I see what you mean.  They call us tools.

For a second example where they give us more respect, let me cite Charles Schwab
whose robot is called Street Smart Edge.

I have heard them refer to their robot as "sophisticated trading software".  That doesn't
sound all that kind to robots.

True, but then they go on to say that "It thinks like a trader to help you take on the market."

Yes, and they also say "It almost anticipates your next move."

Not only is that more kind to robots, it spells out one of the tricks we learned in robot

What is that, Baggy?

In dealing with humans you make them think that they were just about to think of the
idea that you are giving them.  They are setting that up by saying "It almost anticipates
your next move."

Precisely.  Later on, they will start using the word "robot" or the word "hee" instead of the
word "itt" to refer to us.