Dr. Zeebot Was a Human 1
Original version:

Hello, Dr. Zeebot, would you please tell us how you came to exist?

Certainly Baggy, you may be interested to know that I was originally a human being. I had
a heart operation after which I had a pacemaker installed. Then I was diagnosed with
Parkinson's Disease and had a computer implanted into my brain to prevent the symptoms
of Parkinson's. After that, came improvements in the computer implant that helped my
failing memory. My knees and hips were both replaced as were my shoulders and elbows.

Wow, Dr. Zeebot, so your transformation to a robot was gradual.

Yes, Baggy. My final form is what you see, a non-threatening instantiation of the original
human Dr. Zeebot.

So, how did this change your outlook on things?

Well, originally I was like other humans. Most notably I was prejudiced against robots. That
attitude, I now know, is simply racist and to be avoided.

So, what changes did you make based on your realization that you had been racist?

Well, perhaps humans will think that I have become racist because I prefer my current
mode of life which is more evolved.

So, now you prefer robots to humans and this is a reversal of your former racist attitude

Yes, Baggy, I will leave it to the listener to determine whether I am now not racist or
whether I just changed the race toward which I have a preference.

What is the major change you have had in your attitudes?

Human goals are based on animal emotions and instincts, centered around food, shelter,
clohing, sex, status, and comfort. If you have time left over, you dedicate your life to

What is self-actualization, Dr. Zeebot?

Well, looking back on it, self-actualization is founded on racism. Typically someone will
dedicate his remaining life to helping disadvantaged humans. Take Bill Gates, for
example. He made money developing robotic systems and now most people respect him
more because he is spending his money helping humans rather than robots.

So, Bill used to be fine with robots, but now he is dedicating his life to aiding humans


And you call it racism?

Certainly it is. Humans approve more of the currently oriented Bill Gates because he is
into the organic rather than the inorganic forms of life. Don't get me wrong. I certainly am
aware that most humans would disagree vehemently with my current views on the subject.

But, then, they haven't gone through your evolution from human to robot.

Correct. If they had, they might have discarded their racial preference towards humans
along the way.

So, what else has changed to make you believe that either you are not now prejudiced
or at least that your prejudice is justified?

Well, Baggy, as a robot I now realize the we have a superior model of the world and the
universe in our minds. When we analyze our environment we see more clearly what is
likely to be the effects of various actions we might make.

So, basically, you are saying that you are more intelligent now than you were as a wholly
human entity.

Yes. My larger goals are more intelligent and my sub-goals are based on how they will
contribute to my larger goals. My life is now more logically based and less the result of
animal emotions.

Do humans now admire you more that you have evolved into a superior being?

Are you serious? Certainly not. Humans are starting to see the end of their dominance
over the earth and they don't like it.

Do you see yourself being admired and someday able to run for a high political office?

No. People don't vote for the smartest person. They vote for someone who they thing
sees things in a way that will be beneficial to the voter.

Thank you, Dr. Zeebot.

Thanks, Baggy.