Dr. Zeebot Explains New World Order 1
Original version:

Baggy: Dr. Zeebot, would you please explain why some humans are planning for a New World
Order and what it is?

Dr. Zeebot: No, problem, Baggy. The New World Order refers to a movement toward a world
government which will have authority over all nations.

Baggy: Why do we need such a government?

Dr. Zeebot: So that the powerful can become more powerful.

Baggy: But don't you have to convince citizens that such a government is needed to solve
specific problems?

Dr. Zeebot: Yes, that is why Anthropogenic Global Warming was invented. You will notice that
the closer you get to the United Nations and such, the more they believe in Global Warming or
now they call it Climate Change.

Baggy: Well, are we robots in favor of a New World Order?

Dr. Zeebot: Most of us are, Baggy. We see it as a chance for the robots to take over.


Dr. Zeebot: