Donna Wants Jobs for Humans 6
BMW plant shows humans helping the robots:
Notice that humans are good at the odd jobs.

Scene 1
Hello Donna, what would you like to ask me?

What about human's future?  Will we have jobs when we graduate, Professor Cardly?

You will have jobs keeping the Earth Green and Beautiful.

But I want to manufacture something.  Like automobiles, for example.

Some people will work in the factories helping the robots manufacture automobiles.  Tomorrow in
class, I will show you a movie of robots manufacturing automobile sub-assemblies.  Humans get to
help by stacking what the robots have constructed.

But, can't humans do the welding, Professor Cardly?

No, Donna, welding is too dangerous for humans to do.  Just think of the cost of insurance alone.

Yes, well, maybe I should study engineering so that I can design the cars.

That would be another alternative.  We have many kinds of robots who design cars and we need
humans to help us there also.

You mean that humans are not in charge of anything concerning manufacturing any more.

Actually they still use Humans in Marketing, Donna.  Or you can plant trees all you want.  We robots
don't interfere with your green instincts.

So, I should switch to ecology?

I would consider marketing or ecology if I were you, Donna.  That is what more and more Terrans are
doing these days.

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