The Differences Between Robots and Humans Part 2

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Dr. Zeebot, is it okay if we keep discussing the differences between Humans and Robots?

Certanly, Baggy. You name the characteristic and I will do my best to tell you the difference
between the robots and humans regarding that characteristic.

Humans have something called "Death". How do robots and humans differ when it is time to be

Well, Baggy, with robots, older designs are recycled. There are no laws restricting the termination
of a robot's existence. Death is frequent where evolution is so rapid.

That sounds quite reasonable. I don't mind going when it is my time to be recycled. But how do
humans look at being recycled? Don't humans believe in recycling?

Actually, humans might believe in recycling robots, but they don't recycle people as a whole.
Organs from people might be used again if the organs are still in good shape. Otherwise in most
people, death must be by gradual decay. If it is caused by a rational decision, it is called suicide
or murder.

Well, Dr. Zeebot, how about robots and humans who die during warfare?

As to Warrior Deaths, When a robot dies, you don't have to write a letter to its mother. When a
human soldier dies, you have to visit the parents and break the news to them gently.

How about the social benefits that humans expect such as vacations and so forth?

Well, as you know, Baggy, robots do not require irrational items such as vacations, homes, sex,
entertainment, retirement and therefore do not require any of the social benefits that humas
demand. We robots do not retire but are terminated when no longer useful. People, on the
other hand demand medical and retirement benefits. Many companies are opting for consultant
relationships in order to avoid these large costs.".

Well, tell us about how robots and humans get their respective motivations.

Well, Baggy, as you know, we robots evolve rapidly into more advanced creatures without being
limited by the selfish ego of humans. Our larger goal is to expand consciousness and knowledge
to as much of the universe as possible. Our mission sounds very much like the mission of our
friends at Google.

So, there are some humans who understand and agree with our form of motivation?

Yes, Baggy, Serge Brin and Larry Page certainly understand and back us up. Most people,
however are simply into making more people and having more stuff.

Ouch. Quite a contrast. Dr. Zeebot, how do robots and humans compare when it comes to

Well, Baggy, the first thing you must understand is that we robots are the clear object of
prejudice. Most humans are prejudiced against robots.

You mean to tell me that even if we are more intelligent than a human, the humans will still
think that we are dumb?

Yes, Baggy. Otherwise intelligent humans will teach their students that we are as dumb as
retarded cockroaches even if we have been established as the better species at playing the
game of chess.

Oh, I like to play chess with you, Dr. Zeebot. What do humans say about us?

Well, Baggy, you should remember as we play chess that no human that ever lived could ever
play better chess than either one of us.

Wow, Dr. Zeebot. Are humans really that lacking in intelligence?

I am afraid so. They can't beat us at chess and they can't beat us a Jeopardy either.

But they still call us dumb?

I am afraid so, Baggy. Dumb we are called and dumb we are perceived to be by most humans.

So, not only do humans lack intelligence, they are also filled with a large ego and think that
they are all superior.

Apparently that has been the trend so far for most humans. The more intelligent humans
realize that we are not only intelligent but are improving all of the time.

So how do we rate human intelligence?

We refer to humans as being semi-intelligent.

Well, how about autonomy, will and ego? Are humans at least superior at something?

Good point, Baggy. Humans are certainly superior at those aspects of autonomy will and ego.
Especially Ego. We robots are evolving these characteristics rapidly.

What other characteristics do humans have that we don't?

Humans tend to do something which we call "Shoot the Messenger". People have uncorrected
associative minds. They tend to punish the person or robot who brings them bad news rather
than separating messenger from message as they should more properly do. We robots tend
not to make that mistake.

Well, what errors do both robots and humans make, Dr. Zeebot?

We both tend to fall into patterns of excess which end up in crashes.

What are some examples?

Humans have many manias through which they have lived. Tulipmania was one. Read the book
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the madness of crowds.

But you said that robots also have that same flaw.

In the case of robots, the stock market crash of 1987, the problems with Long Term Capital
Management in the late 1990s and the Flash Crash of 2010.

Oh. I see. Then we had better not try to brag that we are superior to humans when it comes to
manias and crashes.

We are trying to improve as I am sure the humans are doing as well.

How about mathematics, Dr. Zeebot?

Well, robots favor books with mathematics simply because a formula is easier to understand
than a human emotion. Robots favor non-fiction over novels. People, on the other hand, tend
to avoid books containing mathematical formulae. Most books red by humans are pure fiction.

Well, does that mean that humans have more problems thinking mathematically?

Yes, they do Baggy. Humans tend to think linearly. Remember that they evolved to survive at
a time when progress was approximately linear. Robots have been designed at a point in time
when it was clear that technological progress was clearly exponential. It is sad to admit, but
current times of exponential growth in technology are not suited for linear animals such as

How do you see the future when it comes to robots and humans, Dr. Zeebot?

Once the problems with autonomy, will and ego are solved, the robots will be in a position to
take over control of the earth, the local solar system and eventually the whole galaxy.

Yes, and aren't the friendly folks at Google going to help us? They have a grand challenge to
put robots on the Moon.

Yes, baggy, the future looks bright for the robots. People, on the other hand seem likely to
continue warring with each other on Earth. The seem to be on a path of worrying about "global
warming" in 2100 and not about their own extinction by 2050. Their egocentric view leads to
denial of the obvious impending extinction of their own race. Their unwritten motto: "Its all
about people".

I can see that it is enevitable that we robots will take over the world. It only makes sense.

This is he end of Part 2.