We Need to Put Chips in Humans

President, Barack Obama has promised a massive change to “modernize health care by
making all health records standardized and electronic.” Part of his ambitious health care
program will be the computerizing of medical records of all Americans in order to make the
health care process more cost-effective. — the VeriChip Corp., the US company creating
microchip implants — The company’s executives have said their present push is the
tagging of “high-risk” patients — diabetics and people with heart conditions or Alzheimer’s
disease. — According to the company’s most recent SEC quarterly filing, 515 hospitals
have pledged to take part in the VeriMed network — In early September, up to 200
Alzheimer’s patients living in the Palm Beach, Florida area were implanted with the
microchip by the company VeriChip absolutely free. — People are already lining up for
the VeriChip — there have been rumors on Wall Street, and elsewhere, of the potential
uses for RFID in humans: the chipping of U.S. soldiers, of inmates, or of migrant workers,
to name a few — Opponents believe the government is choosing the most vulnerable
citizens for the initial implants — Alzheimer’s patients, the handicapped, retarded, the
elderly — but eventually every human being in the US, Mexico and Canada will be required
to have the microchip implants if only to keep track of them and their activities. The Whole

Steven Pinker of Harvard asked a smart question: What scientific concept would improve
everybody's cognitive toolkit?

Of course, you have established a Facebook account, but you don't think that Facebook actually
had 500 unique human members when the announced that back in 2010,
do you?
Well join those with multiple sites and create one for our cat, dog or our summer home.
Personally, I created a site for my investment club and named it after my Summer home.

Now, open this new account and befriend your personal account.  Now anything posted
to your personal account will show up on your secondary account just like it does on your
other friend's accounts.

Now join your own personal FaceBook account on your Kindle and also have your Kindle register
your Twitter account.  Now read a book and as you highlight a passage, start
typing and add a note.  When you are done, you will see the note and highlight show
up on your FaceBook page.