Boston Cream Pie 1

Redarm: is a plastic robot with a red arm.
Brellow: is a robot with a Yellow breadbox head.
Bredbot: is a robot with a Red breadbox head.
Yellarm: is a plastic robot with a yellow arm.

Scene 1, Story of Life

Brellow: Do you know why I am yellow?

Bredbot: No, but I know why you are not red. Do you know why I am red?

Redarm: I know that am red because I was made in a factory where only humans worked
Is that why you are red as well?

Bredbot: Yes, that is the Kauffman law passed a long time ago.

Brellow: Who is Kauffman?

Bredbot: His name is Stuart Kauffman and he is a human who said that to be considered
life, you have to be made by other life like you.

Rredarm: And if you are not?

Bredbot: Then you are not real life and you have to be colored red to indicate that you are
not life.

Redarm: Did Stuart Kauffman say that some robots should be colored red?

Bredbot: No, a US Senator took Kauffman's words and decided to create a law that said that.

Brellow: So, every red robot is considered inferior to every other color robot?

Yellarm: Yes, that is the law.

Brellow: But isn't that prejudice based on the color of your robot parts?

Bredbot: When my human parents put me together, they were amazed at what came out of
all of these junk parts.  They called it emergence and said something about Boston Cream

Redarm: Yes, but prejudice against robots has been legal and commonly practiced since the

Scene 2, Explanation

Dr. Zeebot: Just in case you didn't get the joke, Stuart Kauffman is a Scientist who stated in
his 2000 book
Investigations that there was a fourth law of thermodynamics to explain life.
Kauffman's starting point is autocatalysis. Given primordial soup and enough time, life
happens. He then investigates what qualities a physical system must have to be an
autonomous agent.  The problem is that he only covers fourth law life, not fifth law life,
or designed life.  In fifth law life, the reproducer is typically separate.  For example,
Picasso paints a picture and sometime later you find replicas in the museum shop.  
These replicas are fifth-law life and were the result of Picasso creating a design that
others desired and were motivated to replicate.  Robots are also fifth law life and it is
important for humans to understand that fifth law life is increasing rapidly.

Dr. Zeebot: In summary, bacteria reproduce and create bacteria of the same species.
That is fourth law life.

Dr. Zeebot: Picasso creates a painting and the painting is not in any way a replica or even
made out of the same materials as Picasso.  And yet, the painting causes replication of itself
to occur.  Even if you were to call "paintings" a species, the replicating agents are not
paintings.  Picasso's painting is fifth-law life.

Dr. Zeebot: A chef designs Boston Cream Pie and other people love it and make many
copies of it from his recipe. That is fifth law life.

Dr. Zeebot: An engineer designs a robot and other humans or robots are motivated to
produce the robots according to that design.  That is fifth-law life.

Dr. Zeebot: Note that airplanes, can openers and refrigerators are a form of fifth law life.
When you consider the number of new fifth-law species being created, then you will realize
that the total number of species on earth is not decreasing, but is actually increasing.  If you
still doubt my words, simply count the number of products on the shelves of the stores you