Book Addict 1  (Book-A-Holics Anonymous)

Scene 1, Alcoholics Anonymous

Hello, everyone, this is the regular Thursday meeting of the E-Street Alcoholics
Anonomous. We have a new member this week, his name is Don. Tell us about yourself, Don.

Don: Hello, my name is Don, and I am a book-a-holic.

Cassie: What?  Did you say that you are a book-a-holic?

Gretta: Wait, let him speak.  I used to have that problem myself.

Don: I am addicted to reading books. Part of the second floor of my home collapsed
from the weight and I was almost killed.  Too many books can be as dangerous as to
much alcohol.

Mel: Wow, I didn't realize that an addiction to books was that dangerous.

Don: After that, I thought that I found a solution to my problem.

Gretta: Let me guess.  You purchased a Kindle Book reader from Amazon.

Don: Yes, how did you know?

Gretta: Well, I did the same thing myself.

Don: I only red more books because now they were cheaper.  The less that Amazon
charges, the more we book-a-holics buy.

Gretta: I know, it is enough to drive one to drink.

Don: So, what did you do to solve the book addiction?  Did it really drive you to drink?

Gretta: Well, my situation did drive me to drink but then I found a method to deal with
the book problem.  Now I come here to help me stay off of alcohol.

Don: What did you do to solve the book addiction?  For me, it involves buying books
and only reading the first third or so.  I buy much more than I can read.

Gretta:  I got a chip implanted in my brain so that I could read faster and another chip
so that I could absorb all of the books that I had purchased.

Don: Wow.  that sounds like a very good solution.

Gretta: Yes.  I am a lawyer and with these chips in my brain, they made me a senior
partner at the law firm.  I memorize briefs and can depose witnesses without looking at
any notes.

Don:  Neat.  Where do I go to get these chips installed in my brain?

Gretta: Well, we are disrupting an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.  Let me tell you later,
after the meeting.

Don: Okay.

End of Scene 1
Alcoholics Anonymous

Scene 2: Chips Galore

Don: So, now that the rest of them are gone, tell me how I can go about getting a chip
implanted to help me read books faster.

Gretta: Let me show you how the chips go in first. This is my bedroom over here.

Don: So, why don't they store your information in the cloud?

Gretta: Next years version will do exactly that.  The batteries are stored in my private
parts and have to be removed before making love.  I don't know where they put the
batteries in men.

Don: Where do I go to have the implant?

Gretta: There is a doctor in Belize and another one in Indonesia.  You need to give
them a is all hush hush.

Don: I see, may I see your batteries?