Bob Gives Speech at Toastmasters Regarding Cartoon Creation

Al, I was the test speaker at your Unity IV club contest 10 days ago.
I talked about the developing concept of cartoon animated videos
developed by individuals who wished to employ this new medium for
special types of communication or play.  Your wife may also wish to
check this message.
Attached are two URLs provided by a Chicago area friend who has
become interested in this technique to communicate complex
thoughts using such a medium. Each of them is about 9:24 in duration.
When I observed them there were 16 viewers of the first one
and 47 of the second one. I don't know how many more people will
choose to access these videos to learn about this 'movie director's'
thoughts and performance.
Please let me know if you've checked at least one of them to observe
the process. I'll forward your comments to the 'movie director' if you
don't mind.  
Reminder: I believe the coming 2012 US political season will have a
'raft' or 'boatload' of such produced files to offer opinions as part of a
'story' using such animated characters and selected voices. Ever more
alternative characters will be available next year to offer still more
effective physical movements.
Q.: Will human political activities be directed/supported, motivated
through participation with such adapted media?
Ref.: out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

--- On Tue, 3/15/11, Donald  wrote:

From: Donald
Subject:  My Robot Videos
Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2011, 9:26 PM

I have a series of videos on YouTube.  My favorites, so far are "The Differences Between
Robots and Humans part 1" and part 2 as well.  Please feel free to join this channel,
watch the various videos and give me feedback on them.

Differences Between Robots and Humans part 1

Differences Between Robots and Humans part 2


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