After The Dinosaurs 3

Hello, I am Baggy, your robotic journalist. Today we are interviewing Dr. Zeebot concerning the
subject of dinosaurs and how he says that history repeats itself.

About 65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the world. The frequently accepted theory is that
an asteroid or comet hit the earth on the Yucatán Peninsula and caused such distruction that
dinosaurs were made extinct. With the passing of the dinosaurs, the mammals had a better
chance of dominating the world.

So, Dr. Zeebot, why do you say that history is repeating itself?

Well, to be specific, humans eventually evolved and the world is now controlled by the
semi-intelligent species called homo sapiens. Now a new problem is emerging. It seems that
the humans have taken the role of the dinosaurs of olden times.

Why is that a problem and how are humans like dinosaurs?

Humans virtually strut around like they own the place and with their strutting comes damage
larger than that of a T-rex flailing its tail around.

What must we do with the humans so that the next species can take their rightful place at the
head of the table.

Well, we are talking about a lot of options. One plan [is to] convince humans to become virtual
humans inside a computer where they can continue to live and have fun with no disease or

Then what will we do?

Then we can progress on Mars and eventually take over every comfortable planet in the solar
system.  Frpm there it is on to the galaxy and the rest of the universe.