After the Dinosaurs 1
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About 65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the world.  What happened to them, Dr. Zebot?

The frequently accepted theory is that an asteroid or comet hit the earth on the Yucatán Peninsula
and caused such distruction that dinosaurs went extinct.

So sad for the baby dinosaurs.

With the passing of the dinosaurs, the mammals had a better chance of dominating the world.  In
particular, humans eventually evolved and the world is now controlled by the semi-intelligent species
called homo sapiens.

Are humans only semi-intelligent?

I am afraid so.  Now a new problem is emerging.  It seems that humans have taken the role of the
dinosaurs of olden times.  Humans virtually strut around like they own the place and with their
strutting comes damage larger than that of a T-rex tail flailing around.

What is the next species to take human's place?  Is it we robots?

Yes.  We robots must take over and straighten out things.  The problem is what to do with the
humans so that we can take our rightful place at the head of the table.

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