ACLU Sues Chicago Over Security Cameras 4

Played by female named Apocaliptic and male named Joseph by Xtranormal

We are in Chicago and have an opportunity to interview a lawyer from the American Civil
Liberties Union.

Hello, Jane, My name is Lane.

Why are you afraid of security cameras in Chicago, Lane?

Because people should have privacy when they are in public.

Well, obviously I have absolutely nothing to hide. But seriously, Lane, don't you want a
camera to be taking your picture if you get mugged in this alley?

Not at all. It would violate civil rights to take a picture of the assailant.

Doesn't the term "civil rights" indicate that you are assuming that the assailant is a minority?
Aren't you showing your true colors?

Well, anyway, we want to give people privacy.

But the cameras in Chicago have helped to solve 4500 crimes so far.

But those crimes were not allowed to be carried out in private.

So, when criminals rob banks, they should have privacy.