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Lane and Jane Different Opinions
Lane and Jane were married in this version.

Too Many Clones
YouTube: donbot23

Philosophy and Politics
ACLU Sues Chicago Over Security Cameras 2
Man representing ACLU is wearing a suit as in the news video.

"The American Civil Liberties Union has brought a lawsuit against Chicago over the use of
Security Cameras. Apparently criminals deserve privacy while they rob you."

ACLU Sues Chicago Over Security Cameras
This version is missing a good punch line. The man is wearing a suit.

"The American Civil Liberties Union believes that the use of security cameras in Chicago
violates the Civil Rights of the citizens."

Bernanke Speaks Back
Bernanke says inflation is in China, not the US.

"Bernanke replies to critics."
YouTube: donbot23

Lane Meets Jane, Are They Insane?
In this version, Lane and Jane are not married. I like it better than "Lane and Jane Different
", above.
YouTube: donbot23

People Being Stupid
Why Humans are Semi-Intelligent

When Will People Realize?
"Robots plot to take over the world from humans."

Lane and Jane 2
"Lane and Jane argue about who is a bastard."

High Tech Trends
Kaku Physics Book Review 1
Baggy Interviews Dr. Zeebot in a bar.
YouTube: not posted yet
TV is Obsolete
It is illustrated that the old TV model is being replaced by xtranormal, YouTube and the
YouTube: donbot23

Valentine's Day with Midge
Don invites Midge to watch The Kids are Okay, the Academy Awards and Dinner at Beelow's
Steakhouse at 6 PM on Valentine's Day
YouTube: donbot23

Ask the Bots

The Differences Between Robots and Humans Part 1
"Robots describe the particular differences between robots and humans and why robots will be
superior in the near future."

The Differences Between Robots and Humans Part 2
"This is the second part of an interview with Dr. Zebot concerning the differences that one
finds between robots and humans."

Robot Brains Are Superior
"Dr. Zebot describes how weather prediction robots have larger and more capable brains than
humans do. It will also take robot brains to contemplate quantum physics."


Diamond Lake Investment Club
"Discussion of investments in the stock market by members of the Diamond Lake Investment
YouTube: not posted yet

Accredited Mortgage Loan
"Jimmy joins the Diamond Lake Investment Club and discusses stock investments."
YouTube: not posted yet

People Telling Truth

Dr. Zeebot was a Human
"Dr. Zeebot describes his metamorphism from human to robot."
YouTube: donbot23

After the Dinosaurs
"Humans will go virtual and the robots will take over the lead role."