This web site is designed for the education of Humans about the nature of the future

Humans were designed by natural selection.  Natural selection designs forms of life according to the
basic rule "the survival of the fittest in a given environment."   

But what if human society changes the environment in which the human finds herself?  Is the old design
suited for the new environment?  Does a raccoon look both ways before crossing the road or do they
too often get killed?  How long will it take for the raccoons to evolve the notion of watching out for cars?  
How long will it take humans to adjust to the realities of the new economics with so much automation and
robots doing the jobs?  How long will humans have to watch the machines improve their skills before
they realize that the robots are taking over in front of their eyes and that they can do nothing about it?

Are you in the category of those who deny the obvious?

Everybody knows that robots are dumb, don't they?
  Visit the list of people and institutions who believe otherwise.
Sure, robots can do some things, but
   they will never become teachers.
   they will never become expert doctors. Doctors
   they will never become expert lawyers. Lawyers
   they will never drive cars. Drivers
   they will never move as smoothly as humans. Move better

Do you believe that humans can always turn off the robots before it is too late?

Humans Are Trapped in their human minds
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