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History of Aliens and Humans on Planet Earth
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01 Alien-Human Hybrid named Rachael
02 Greetings from Area 51
03 Greetings from Zeta Retucli I & II
04 Myths about Aliens
05 History of Aliens in the USA
06 John F. Kennedy was shot by the CIA because he wanted to tell the public about the Aliens
07 Aliens in Ancient China
08 Malibu Maui Mysteries
09 Bobekli Tepe in Turkey
10 Aliens, politics, history, CIA, Steven Greer tells all
11 Ancient Civilizations Created Pyramids
12 Raising Atlantis Linda Moulton Howe
13 The Alien Enigma by J.P. Robinson
14 Bob Dean Talks about the Aliens
15 UFO Podcast on Dark Matter Internet Radio
16 Solar Revolution Movie
17 Applying Logic to Human Propaganda
18 Organic Evolution
19 Aliens are watching humans evolve
20 Tihuanaco and Puma Punku sites in Bolivia
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